Vista Health is closely aligned with U-ACT and operates under its training guidelines and framework.

U-ACT is a non-profit organization committed to treating, training, and empowering those challenged with substance abuse and addictive behavior disorders. The organization’s coaching academy offers specialized training programs to certify professional recovery wellness coaches.

U-ACT is accredited by the International Coaches Register (ICR), which is 9001:2015 certified by Lloyd’s Register Netherlands and registered with UK Accreditation Services (UKAS). The organization is committed to the highest quality of training and ethical standards of practice.

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As a systemic wellness practitioner you can
Empower others in moving forward in their personal and professional lives.

Be capable of running individual and group coaching sessions.

Be trained in how to work with and support those impacted by dysfunctional personal and professional behaviors in various environments.

Be supported by an international network of facilitators, supervisors, and coaches.

Have access to ongoing training and professional development through the U-ACT Workplace platform.

Get access to resources and information to support you in your work as a professional coach.
The training includes:
Weekly live, online workshops.

Weekly group integration and support calls with your facilitators.

The recovery wellness coaching framework

Recovery wellness coaching techniques.

Models addressing healthy lifestyle choices, rebuilding relationships, creating authentic change and transformation.

Self-directed online learning.

Downloadable videos, infographics, pdfs and training manual.

Ongoing professional development.

International accreditation opportunities.

Access to international coaching collaborations through Workplace by Facebook.
Who should do the training?
Individuals wanting to become Certified Systemic Wellness Practitioner

Professionals in the mental health sector wanting to deepen their knowledge and skills in order to empower those challenged by mental health disorders, in general and addictions, in particular

Familymembers seeking tools, skills and methods to create and maintain support systems for themselves and their loved ones struggling with substance use and addiction disorders.

Corporate representatives in need of the appropriate skills to bring the right resources and support to the workplace and employees.

What is systemic coaching?

Many people from diverse backgrounds are seeking assistance to connect into holistic health and wellness, free of harmful and limiting behaviours. Systemic Coaching is an empowering intervention to support individuals, families, groups, teams, organisations, and communities that are challenged with systemic unwellness.

Through the use of systemic coaching we are able to assist in the transformation and growth of those seeking sustainable wellness in their personal and professional lives. As a coach you will be able to support your clients in developing a lifestyle that fits their personal and professional needs, wants, values, preferences and goals.

What is the focus of the course?

The basis of the systemic coaching model is about learning to have a coaching conversation using powerful questions, developing strong listening skills, understanding someone’s needs, wants, and values, and excavating meaning and purpose. Learning coaching skills and techniques is part of this topic.


Systemic coaching takes place along a series of continuums addressing substance use, relationships, and someone’s overall emotional, social, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Or behaviours, roles, processes, and overall wellness are all addressed via the use of continuums.


The system addresses the interplay between the different role players and stakeholders in a person’s personal and professional lives. The nature of the work means that working systemically with different individuals creates better connection and understanding, leading to better long-term outcomes.

Course Outline
Introduction to Conversation

What is Systemic Coaching?

The Systemic Coaching Framework

The Adult Learning Model

The Collins’ Expanded Coaching Window

Substance Use, Addictive Behavior and Mental Health Disorders
Session Contracting

Listening Skills

The Power of Open Questions

Coaching Techniques

Questioning Techniques
The Continuums

The (WELL) Brain

Working with Triggers

Developing Mindsight and Mindfullness

Working with Stress

Using Tools to Stay Present

The Wheel of Life

The GROW Model and Goal Setting
The Four Archetypes and Spiritual Principles

Transactional Analysis

Overcoming Trauma and Moving Towards Resiliency

Towards and Integrated Model

The Systemic Model of Intervention

The 4Q Model

Meet your facilitator

David is a Certified Master Coach whose work forms the basis of the Recovery Wellness Programme. David’s extensive experience in, and knowledge of, the treatment of substance use and addictive behaviour means that he brings a rich experiential tone to the programme. He has also worked as an executive coach supporting corporate growth and development, focusing on diversity and transformation as part of systemic wellness.