About VistaHealth

Vista Health offers a systemic approach in mental health recovery work – through coaching, experiential learning environments, teletherapy and Virtual Reality coaching and therapy. Empowering an individual and giving the autonomy to a client is the backbone of our approach. Our culture is shaped and defined by the spirit of Ubuntu – “I am what I am because of who we all are.” We treat the clients and develop specialists. Our Community of clients, specialists and students offers safe, supportive and empowering way to learn, heal and grow collectively.


What do we do?

Recovery Wellness Programs – for individuals and families We offer recovery work and treatment in behavioural health field. Vista Health is partnered with the Foundation Clinic in South Africa, clinic for substance abuse and addiction disorders. The programmes in the clinic as well as our programs for bringing the wellness and recovery work to individuals, families and organisations combine systemic coaching and a humanistic approach to the treatment. Read about our Recovery Wellness Programs. Systemic Wellness Programs – for organisations Our Systemic Wellness Program for organizations delivers systemic wellness to the teams and individuals. Building and co-creating learnings that will bring about the change, anchor the wellness and resilience in the structure. Our coaches that come to your organization are supervised, supported and backed up by our strong community and network of specialists and coaches. This brings safety, consistency and stability in the way we work with the organizations. Read about our Systemic Wellness Program

The Foundation Clinic partnership and MAUNI

Vista Health makes use of The Foundation Clinic in Johannesburg as its primary treatment provider. The Clinic has over 20 years in treating individuals and Families. Our clients are treated with unconditional positive regard, and we believe in working with the family and support structure to create optimal treatment outcomes. Through a combination of therapy, coaching, adult education, peer support and personal development our clients are able to move from a Culture of Addiction to a Culture of Recovery. Vista Health’s Recovery Wellness Program runs around the residential treatment where we create continuous and consistent care without waiting lists and without breaks/gaps in between different phases of the recovery and growth. With our virtual reality therapy and immersive environments we are bringing the addiction care recovery to a whole new level. With MAUNI we are creating the virtual spaces resembling the actual residential set up of The Foundation Clinic where clinic’s staff are virtually present as well. In this way clients can revisit the place where the transformation and healing started and experience the magic all over again. With that, clients can virtually go back to spaces where they founded their recovery and anchor the resilience and willingness to stay well.