Treatment and Recovery

If you’re in a situation where addiction has impacted your life, either struggling by yourself or as a family member, partner or friend of an addict, we understand your need for guidance, support or change.

Treating with compassion and promoting self-empowerment is transformational and leads to the recovery of the personal potential that was suppressed as the result of the addiction.

In-Patient program

Substance use disorder and addiction treatment. In-patient treatment is offered at The Foundation Clinic located in South Africa. The clinic offers in-patient treatment based on international best practice, focusing on cognitive behavioral practices, systemic coaching and the bio-psychosocial model. .

Family support

The entire system is usually affected by substance abuse or addictive behavior disorder: family, friends, community, and workplace. At Vista, we understand the importance of the environment and the whole system for long-term, sustainable recovery.

We provide resources for family and support networks to learn and understand the interactions and dynamics surrounding the addiction. With the systemic approach, families and support networks learn to detach and focus on their own recovery and wellness.

Outpatient Program

The Aftercare Wellness programme forms an essential part of the treatment. The programme is available on a purely out patient basis as part of the commitment to extended care.

10 Day Wellness Program + 1 Year Aftercare Program

Rebirth Wellness Safari

The Rebirth Wellness Safari provides an environment for you to reconnect with your meaning and purpose. Our Master Coaches guide you through creating your social, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being in your personal and professional life. The 40 Hour Program provides you with the tools and skills to move you from where you are now in your current state of being , to where you want to be, in a realistic, achievable way.

Suitable for those with a history of substance use disorders or for anyone wanting to recover their physical, mental and emotional health. They will be guided through creating healthy, sustainable resources in order to minimize self sabotaging and destructive behaviors.
The program is systemic in its nature, using skills such as business and executive coaching, mindfulness practices and techniques, neuroscience, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies as well as trauma recovery and resiliency techniques.

We chose to facilitate all of this in the heart of Africa’s bio-diverse beauty and the biggest inland delta on planet earth – the Okavango Delta. We feel there is no better suited place for your Rebirth. You can truly break free and rediscover the roots of your human experience in the locations you stay during your time with Rebirth. You are able to connect to your senses, the environment, the landscapes and the abundance of wildlife which allows you to truly reconnect with yourself.
Daily safaris, boat excursions and even tracking with the San people are some of the activities you can expect in between the Wellness Program itself. 5-Star accommodation and meals are also included.

The Rebirth experience doesn’t end when you leave and all our attendees receive wellness support and resources for a year after leaving. We include this in our offering as we believe the process of reintegration with your work and home life ultimately determines sustainable change which is vital to long term well-being.

Revive your energy and begin your journey to freedom and growth this November and December.

Aftercare Wellness Program

The Aftercare Wellness programme forms an essential part of the treatment. The programme is available on a purely out patient basis as part of the commitment to extended care.

The focus of the program is:

What is included in this program

The programme is provided online and access to the material and community platform is granted for at least 12 months.