VistaHealth Addiction coaching

The Foundation Clinic

Addiction care

đź“ŤJohannesburg, South Africa

Substance use disorder and addiction treatment. In-patient treatment is offered at The Foundation Clinic located in South Africa.

The clinic offers in-patient treatment based on international best practice. Indeed we are focusing on cognitive behavioral practices, systemic coaching and the bio-psychosocial model. 

Harmony Clinic

Addiction and Psychiatric care

đź“ŤCape Town, South Africa

Harmony Clinic is a fully licensed facility in South Africa. They are able to treat clients with substance use disorders and psychiatric conditions, thereby focusing on all of the client’s needs.

Multi-disciplinary team provide a comprehensive treatment programme. Including one to one therapy; group therapy; psycho-education and workshops.  By utilizing many evidence based treatment models with a strong focus coming from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT); Mindfulness; EMDR; Breathwork; TRE and the 12 step programme.

VistaHealth Addiction coaching
VistaHealth Addiction coaching

Out-patient Program

Our Aftercare Wellness program is a vital component of your treatment journey.

Designed to meet your needs on an outpatient basis, this program offers the convenience of online access with a 11-month duration. Our primary focus is on fostering a sustainable recovery, providing recovery coaching to empower you in achieving long-term goals. In addition, we want to offer adult education to enhance your understanding of recovery and wellness.

The program encompasses various valuable elements such as recovery coaching, support group meetings, therapy sessions with specialized professionals, a mentoring program, a vibrant peer support community, opportunities for certification programs, and a dedicated family program.

We are committed to supporting you every step of the way on your path to sustained wellness.

Read more about Recovery Wellness Program below

Family Support

The entire system is usually affected by substance abuse or addictive behavior disorder: family, friends, community, and workplace. At Vista, we understand the importance of the environment and the whole system for long-term sustainable recovery.

We provide resources for family and support networks to learn a understand the interactions and dynamics surrounding the addiction. With the systemic approach, families and support networks learn to detach and focus on their own recovery and wellness. 

VistaHealth Addiction coaching

Recovery Wellness Program

What happens after you have finished your detox ? Returning to the outside world, where triggers and temptations are more difficult to control, can be intimidating for many patients.

The Recovery Wellness Program enters the picture here. The continuum of care approach ensures that patients are never on their own at any point in the process. To do so, we are using a variety of learning environments and coaching to assist them comprehend the cause of their issue and encourage sustainable growth.

Our healthcare psychologist will make sure that the client has consistent follow up therapy:  

Minimum of 6 individual coaching sessions deepen the learnings and experience gained from residential treatment. Coaching sessions focus on creating the Recovery Capital. This, consists of emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and mental resources, that is crucial in developing a lifestyle that is sustainable and meaningful. The process is lead by your needs, goals and values.

With the Recovery Coaching you will find

  • the support in creating a recovery plan that works for you.
  • new tools, techniques, practices and coping mechanisms
  • assistance in developing new behaviour that supports growth in all areas of your life
  • help in finding ways to have fun and be well
  • help in creating a life of purpose and fulfilment

Our online drug and alcohol addiction recovery groups provide individuals with a safe space to receive mutual support and encouragement. Groups are lead by the certified coaches and recovery wellness practitioners. Depending on the number and size of the groups, meetings take place 3 – 5 times a week.

Anyone in recovery needs a relapse prevention strategy. Having a plan aids in identifying your individual tendencies that can signal relapse in the future. It also provides guidance on how to halt them and get back on track.

Relapse usually isn’t a spur-of-the-moment event. Typically it is a three-part process, including:

  1. Emotional relapse
  2. Mental relapse
  3. Physical relapse

With a relapse prevention plan, it is possible to recognize and respond to specific emotions and events, with that avoiding a physical relapse (which is the stage when someone returns to drug or alcohol use).

This part of the aftercare is provided in the format of an online psychoeducation class, where learning is experiential and it corelates with the coaching sessions.

All of the clients, students and family members that engaged with our programs are offered to become and stay part of the community on the platform based environment where peer support takes place. In fact, community for peer support is one of the most powerful assets for recovery and wellness.

Key elements of Peer Support include that it is built on shared personal experience and empathy. It focuses on an individual’s strengths not weaknesses, and works towards the individual’s wellbeing and recovery. It is a crucial element in our approach as Vista Health’s philosophy lies in the spirit of Ubuntu “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

Family program runs as part of the aftercare, but often it is also delivered separately when that benefits the system better.  Family members are an integral part of the systemic approach to healing from the impacts of the addiction. There is a recovery journey that family members need to get on and we help in making that happen. Recovery coaches support families individually and in group meetings family members get the support, answers, and insights needed to steer down their own path of recovery.