Mauni and Vista Health


Our digital ecosystem aims to revolutionize the way people seek help with substance abuse and addiction. All with the support of our fully certified coach network. Our goal is to provide a platform where tracking client progress and seeking support can be housed in the same place. We have big plans, including layering in virtual reality therapy and upgrading our virtual healing spaces. In fact, the goal is to promote deeper resilience and more effective outcomes. Our training empowers mental health practitioners and coaches to provide addiction-care that is tailored to the individual.

Using Virtual Reality Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy and Coaching can be a powerful tool in addiction care and relapse prevention. In fact, it provides a safe and controlled environment in which patients can stay motivated with their recovery goals. Also, the possibility to have personalized and targeted interventions to build resilience in recovery. It does that by meeting the unique needs and preferences of each person.

In a virtual environment, clients can practice coping strategies and rehearse healthy behaviors in realistic scenarios. This, without the risk of real-life consequences. Virtual Reality Therapy helps build resilience in recovery by providing immersive and engaging experiences.

Through virtual reality, clients can experience a sense of accomplishment, mastery, and self-efficacy. In fact, they overcome challenges and progress through their recovery journey.

VistaHealth is committed to be part of the evolving science and technology that improves the outcomes of the treatment and creates sustainable recovery.

VistaHealth Addiction coaching

Why Virtual Reality Therapy

Mauni and Vista Health


…we create the virtual spaces resembling the actual residential set up of The Foundation Clinic in Johannesburg, that is our primary treatment provider.

Using Virtual Reality Therapy, the clinic’s staff are present as well and clients can revisit the place where the transformation and healing started for them.

And just like that, the magic happens all over again!

With MAUNI you can have:

VistaHealth and MAUNI

MAUNI is a platform that VistaHealth uses to provide immersive coaching and therapy in virtual spaces. Through the Mauni platform, we provide coaching, therapy, training, and collaboration for its clients and specialists.

MAUNI’s case management tools make it possible to keep the whole therapeutic team involved, updated and synchronized. With this platform VistaHealth’s clients can: